Fine Art Print FAQ

1. Are your prints C-type or Giclée?

My prints are Giclée print. A Giclée print is a fine art inkjet print, a process by which the ink is sprayed onto white paper, whereas C-type print is created using a photographic process exposing light-sensitive photographic paper to a light source to create the image. I have carefully chosen the Giclée print process to represent my current works because this print process is able to emphasize on my photographic style, accentuating on high visual contrast and saturated colours.

2. What kind of paper do you use for your prints?

My open edition prints are printed in Sihl Professional paper PE 300. It is a robust premium photo paper with lustre finish, micro porous coated paper with a PE film coating on both sides and a satin-gloss finish with low reflective properties. It’s brilliant colour and tone differentiation can represent my works accurately in difficult lighting conditions. My limited-edition prints are produced using Dibond mounting process with aluminium subframe. It is a durable, lightweight yet rigid material and will not delaminate or warp due to the material’s low thermal expansion. Its significant weight saving is ideal for mounting very large photographic prints without any bowing, giving a 3 dimensional ‘floating’ presence to my landscape works.

3. What is the difference between limited edition large format prints and open edition prints in my works?

A limited-edition large format print is an edition that has a fixed number of prints that will ever be produced and they will never be produced again once it is sold out. Such prints are marked with two numbers: the unique number of the print and the size of the entire print run. In my works, limited edition prints are prints larger than A2 size. When you buy a limited-edition large format print from me, it will be signed and numbered in the Certificate of Authenticity, found on the reverse side of the print. On the other hand, Open edition prints can be reproduced indefinitely. In my works, all open edition prints are no larger than A2 size and will be packaged with a small card containing information about the image. There is no difference in quality or lifespan between these two types of prints.

4.Why do these photographic prints cost so much?

In this digital age, technology has enabled everyone to capture stunning images easily with a consumer camera or a smartphone. For me, a landscape photographer has to go beyond that. In my photography practice, I plan my trips according to the time in order to capture my subjects in my representation of the best light. My photography works would then be translated to print only with the most professional printmakers in Singapore after careful selection. From the planning stages to post-processing to the final print, customers purchase not only the end product of my photography works inclusive of delivery costs, but also recognise and appreciate my time and the expertise of my photographic practice.

5. How long will my print last?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how the print is stored and displayed, as well as the temperature, humidity and exposure to pollution. However, in low light conditions, both C-Type and Giclee prints should last over 100 years. To ensure your print lasts as long as possible we recommend framing by a professional framer or hang your print in an area away from direct sunlight or prolonged humidity. For this reason, I do not recommend hanging prints in a bathroom, but, if this is something that is important to you, please make sure to discuss this with your framer as they may be able to suggest framing options that will offer more protection.

6.Where are the prints produced in?

All of my works are now produced in Singapore and personally checked by me. Limited edition large format prints are managed by Bits and Bytes Marketing Pte Ltd, while open edition prints are managed by AVS Printing Pte Ltd. However, I don’t keep all prints in stock in all sizes so, if you order one that I don’t currently hold in stock, I will need to order it for you.

7.How long does it take to deliver the print?

As all prints are ordered based on demand, large format print orders typically take up to 2 weeks to produce, while smaller prints including ready-made postcards would be faster, depending on the workload of our printer and framer. Local deliveries within Singapore would take another three to four working days, while overseas delivery to the UK may take up to 3 weeks.

8. Can these prints be delivered outside of Singapore?

For now, all print products are intended to be delivered within Singapore and to the UK only. Large format prints and/or limited editions would be delivered from Singapore to the UK. However, open edition prints may be produced in the UK to cater for these UK-based customers. I may consider opening up delivery to regions outside the above-mentioned locations in my future works. For interested parties residing over regions outside Singapore and the UK, email your requests to

9. Is there a sales invoice to confirm that I have bought the print?

Yes, an invoice will be emailed to you.

10. Do you do sell your images digitally?

At this moment, no, I do not have plans to sell my images digitally. Please be reminded that all images are the intellectual property of Oowen Photography and all image works are copyrighted. Reproduction from any digital sources without the permission of the photographer is strictly forbidden.

12. Can I commission you for landscape photography works?

Absolutely! If time allows, we could arrange a meetup session to discuss further on the details. You may email me to arrange.

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