About Me

Oowen is a 29-year-old artist photographer based in Singapore. He was a multimedia designer turned educator and has worked as a photographer in the UK for two years, doing conceptual portraitures, still life products and covering events. With 10 years of experience with camera works, Oowen has acquired a wide-ranging experience, attention to detail and knowledge of effective photographic techniques. His creative output also includes other areas of the multimedia aspect such as videography, graphic design and fine art printing, which enables him to have a multidisciplinary perspective to inform his creative endeavours. Oowen graduated from Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) in 2017, with Bachelor of Arts in Degree in Photography, Honours First class and has received the vice-chancellors recommendation.

Oowen’s photographic practice largely explores the concept of “The Provocative Landscape”. For the past two years, he has been exploring cities and landscapes through the tourist’s eyes, examining the manipulation of its effects and the limitation of the spectacle based on our own interpretation of what the landscape mean to us as the visitor and how it provokes reaction from the personal perspective. This personal endeavour is still an on-going project.

Selected Exhibitions

2017 – Free Range Photo Exhibition, London UK
2017 – NUA Degree Show, Norwich UK
2015 – NAFA SG50 “Vernacula_” Exhibition, Singapore
2014 – BHSS Golden Jubilee photo exhibition, Singapore